As the circus closes its doors after 146 years, I remember how my children showed me that a conscience is more important than nostalgia.

Glad that I was able to take the kids to the circus one last time before it disappears. I remember the sense of amazement and wonder I felt as a child when my parents would take me to the circus, and wanted to pass on those beautiful memories to them. But while there is definitely some nostalgia from knowing it won't be around anymore, I remember clearly when, while watching the tiger show, my then 9 year old son told me how he felt bad for the tigers. He didn't smile during that part of the show. 

Feeling nostalgia and cherishing memories of what made us happy as kids is great, but we have to let the new generation find their own happiness and find their own passions. We often criticize what kids today are into when compared to our own childhood, just as our parents criticized our generation's habits and hobbies.

But sometimes change and progress are a good things, kids today have a great deal of understanding of the world around them, and very often a great moral compass and compassion for all living things. Change is hard, and traditions are important, but doing the right thing and moving the human conscience forward should supersede all, including our nostalgia.

Post from January 17, 2016

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey is rightfully retiring their elephants this May, a year ahead of schedule.

I thought it was important to take the kids to see these magnificent creatures through the innocence of childhood as a memory of relics of the past, while understanding our relationship with the animals we share this planet with.

Both a happy family memory, a farewell to a different time, and a visual representation of our progress of how we deal with nature.

Slow but in the right direction.



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